Introducing Myself

I am Angela Fowler, you know, that lady you’re supposed to call if you have any questions about Chemistry Camp. Yes, I am the lady who deals with the logistics, a mentor, and the psychology major who, for reasons I will explain in a future blog post, is working on a science camp.
I am excited that our new web site offers me the chance to write a blog, to offer my thoughts, my reflections, and sometimes, as I am told I am very good at, my unsolicited free advice. Before we delve into all that though, I thought I’d take a few minutes to paint a picture of the person behind Accessible Science’s director of planning.

I am the mother of a 7-year-old boy, Jefferson. He is energetic, smart, and constantly keeps me on my toes. Being a parent is a tough job, maybe the toughest I’ve ever done, but it is so rewarding.

I am about to graduate from Sac State university with a BA in psychology. I am a certified adaptive technology instructor, and teach computers to blind folks throughout the north state.

I enjoy cooking on the BBQ, watching baseball, bantering about baseball, and chatting about life with good friends. I also make my own beef jerky which, most would agree, is pretty darn good.

I am serious and determined, but have a vibrant, sometimes wacky sense of humor. I am practical yet emotional, strong yet kind. I am deeply loyal to my friends, always try to see the good in others, and yet determine to stand strong against unfairness or injustice.

There was a time when I thought blind people could do little without sighted assistance. Training at the Colorado Center for the blind changed that, and I am determined to help others see their potential.

Sometimes I come off as brusque, or businesslike, or even cold. Once the work is done, that facade crumbles. I’m actually a friendly, engaging person and a good listener. So come on down and say “hi,” and let’s chat about life. I look forward to hearing what’s on your mind.