Meet our Board of Directors

Henry (Hoby) Wedler, CEO

Henry “Hoby” Wedler is a blind graduate student at the University of California, Davis, founder of the nationally recognized chemistry camp for the blind and host of Francis Ford Coppola Winery’s Tasting in the Dark experience. When he’s not busy working towards his Ph.D. in organic chemistry or leading his blind or visually impaired chemistry camp students in conducting lab experiments through touch and smell, he turns his attention to wine – where he’s passionate about wine flavor and how it relates to chemistry.

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Jesse Wedler, Director

Jesse works at Google Capital where he focuses on investing in technology businesses. Previously he worked at TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs, where he focused on advising and investing in many types of businesses. Jesse earned an MBA from Stanford University and a BS in Business Administration from UC Berkeley, where he helped run the Varsity Sailing Team for four years.

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Dean Tantillo, Director

Dean Tantillo was born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts,
USA. He received an A.B. degree in Chemistry in 1995 from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in 2000 from UCLA. After receiving his Ph.D., he moved to Cornell University, where he carried out postdoctoral research. He joined the faculty at UC Davis in 2003, where he is now a Professor of Chemistry. Research in Prof. Tantillo's group is driven by puzzling questions relating to chemical structure and reactivity. He is also working to help make Applied Theoretical Chemistry research accessible to blind and visually impaired students. More information is available at the Tantillo group’s website:
Visit the Tantillo Group website to read more about how they are working to make science accessible!
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Mary Willows, Director

Mary was born and raised in Chicago. She started college there and after her second year she moved to San Francisco. Mary became blind as a result of a car accident. The plastic surgeon in Chicago referred her to Stanford for surgery. After spending one winter in California she was convinced that the bay area should become her home. So she enrolled at San Francisco State where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in Education.

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