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Mistakes Won't Kill You

Just the other day I took on the task of uploading some video from this past Chemistry Camp onto the Accessible Science YouTube channel. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but will say instead that the technology and I were not on friendly terms when I finally swallowed my pride and sought the help of one of our Chem Camp graduates, a film major with extensive YouTube experience.


It happens all the time. A blind person is walking to some specific destination, and somehow ends up going the wrong direction. Either he gets turned around, or misjudges the angle and veers off the mark, in either case he fails to take the direct path which would seem to a sighted person the obvious way to go. Often before he even realizes he has made a mistake, he is approached by a sighted person anxious that he be steered back on track.

Its Something That We Do

This post was inspired by an off-hand comment made by a sighted relative of one of my clients who remarked about me: “She’s good at being blind.” At first I was merely complimented, and gladdened that this direct, no-nonsense person was seeing me in a favorable light, but then I got to thinking about what she said.

Why This Psychology Major

I was proud of the parent who, during a conversation about her son’s attendance of a recent Chem Camp, asked me the question which many doubtless wonder. When I mentioned that I was a psychology major she came right out with: “So what in the world are you doing running a science camp?” I will tell you what I told her.

I got a very good education growing up. I was challenged, particularly by Algebra, and discovered my knack for writing and my love for psychology. There was one hole in my schooling however, and that was in the area of science.

Introducing Myself

I am Angela Fowler, you know, that lady you’re supposed to call if you have any questions about Chemistry Camp. Yes, I am the lady who deals with the logistics, a mentor, and the psychology major who, for reasons I will explain in a future blog post, is working on a science camp.

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