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Simple Joy

Just two days after my summer break began, I went off to Catalina Island with a Christian fellowship I am part of at UCLA. About 150 of us and two other chapters in Southern California gathered at our campsite called Campus by the Sea, for a week long Bible study and fun. It was certainly an experience filled with spiritual growth and laughter for me. At the same time, it was an opportunity to reflect on how I fit in as a blind person among a large group of sighted people.

The Beauty of Pushing Our Limits

“Don’t limit yourself.”
My chemistry teacher from high school, Mr. Marquez said this one day in my sophomore year, when I was taking regular chemistry class with him. Sophomore year in high school was a tough one for me in many ways because I had a difficult time feeling confident and self-respect. Mr. Marquez’s “Don’t limit yourself” was one of encouragements I took it to heart at the time. It fueled my determination to go as far as I can despite feeling a lot of doubts about myself.

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